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Help me Invest

November 29th, 2015 at 08:39 pm

Hello everyone. It's been a while since I've written here, but things have been pretty busy, in a good way...

This time I'm not going to lecture ya'll about money saving nor going to rant about stupid things like Xmas presents.

This time around, I'll be glad with any feedback you can provide in regards to investments, which is not my forte at all (new year resolutions: master this area of expertise as it is as meaningful, if not more meaningful, to one's personal finances, as "money saving" per se).

My investment profile is very uninteresting. Besides investing into Peer to Peer which has proved itself as a great investment over the past few years, and the fact I seldom hand-pick stocks (of companies in my sectors which I'm familiar with), the rest (and vast majority) of my investment profile seems pretty dull. Most of it is invested in the S&P 500, alongside other major indices in Europe and the USA.

Obviously it worked really well over the past few years, but I'm afraid the Fed interest rate announcement in Dec will signal a rough year. I do not want to be driven by fear, but I do want to act. What would you do in my position? What alternative investments do I have? Particular sector of companies that should remain unaffected (most gurus recommend the huge companies with the largest cash pile, but I'm not sure).

Bottom line, what are your thoughts?