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10 Ways to Save Money in 2016

January 20th, 2016 at 06:40 am

At the beginning of the year, many people are reflecting on how they can implement a positive financial change in their lives. Here are some recommended ways that you can save money and still have fun in 2016:

1) Eat In During the Week and Celebrate on the Weekends: While this may sound obvious, you would be surprised how much money you would be able to save by cooking at home on the weeknights. This will free up some extra funds to go out with your friends on weekends.

2) Take the Metro at Times: There are many times on the way to a night out that you do not need a taxi. By eliminating your taxi on the way to your destination, you can at times cut your
transportation cost in half.

3) Consider Not Having a Car: Some cities actually do not need cars. With the popularity of Uber and metro/bus options, you would be surprised how much you would save by eliminating gas, insurance, and car payments from your budget. Not to mention, you would also be leaving a positive carbon footprint as well.

4) Join Loyalty Programs at Grocery Stores: Many grocery stores have coupon programs that allow you to save on what you are already spending. These coupons could be a great asset to your budget overall.

5) Sign Up for Airline Credit Cards: Many airlines have mileage cards that allow you to spend a certain amount on your normal expenses and get a free international flight. By doing this, you will have a free vacation that will not harm your budget.

6) Do Not Forget About Your Change: While coins can be annoying, you may be surprised that they can really add up to a lunch or a coffee with a friend.
7) Avoid Going Out for Coffee for Breakfast: If you turn your coffee habit into a social or afternoon tradition, you will be surprised at how much you can save in your bank account!

8) Rent Your Literature: With the abundance of digital reading devices, you will find that in the long term renting is a viable option that could save you an average of 20 USD to 30 USD per book.
9) Apply for Rewards Credit Cards: Many cards provide a percentage back on what you spend. Why not make a profit on what you already spend on your daily life, right?

10) When Going on Vacation, Buy in Bundles: Many travel sites offer all-inclusive deals including hotel, food, and flights. If you find one of these at the right moment, you may just find yourself unexpectedly in a five star resort for half the price!

Saving money is never a fun concept to consider; however, there are ways to save money and still live life to the fullest in the New Year.